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Mission 002: Operation DIRTY RAIL [Session 9]

Mission 002
Operation DIRTY RAIL
Session 9
Session Date: 5 October
Players: Brad, Braon, Lenora, Lex

Location: Red Sickle Training Camp, western Russia (near the border with Belarus)
Game Date: 3 August
Game Time: 2300

  • The group flees from the Red Sickle training camp in their stolen helicopter. They quickly go to the chicken farm, grab Martin and their gear, and then head for the nearest airport.
  • They arrive at the airport in nearby Smolensk. They convince the airport’s director of operations to trade their stolen helicopter for a ride on a small private airplane. The group leaves for Germany in an attempt to stop the runaway train carrying nuclear materials.
  • During the flight, Martin is able to successfully crack into the extremely well protected and secure laptop. He finds the following information:
  • Email: From Korea contact to Red Sickle. Email is from email address: Red Sickle, rendezvous with others and transfer materials to Hanjin Shipping at the Port of Hamburg.
  • Text document with the following:
  • Raven Rock Mountain Complex:
  • 39.734,-77.419
  • Sentralanlegget
  • 60.080278,10.341944
  • Mount Yamantau
  • 54.255,58.102
  • Rather than try to intercept the train, the group decides to go to the port of Hamburg and investigate the lead from the email.
  • The group also makes contact with Interpol and speaks with a German liaison with Interpol names Niklas Kaufman. Niklas agrees to have authorities meet the group at the port of Hambug.
  • Adrian is able to convince the pilot to take them to Hamburg. There they take a taxi to the port and find the Hanjin shipping terminal.
  • Once the group arrives at the port, they see that the Hanjin Ottawa in at the quay and is being uploaded with shipping containers. The group speaks briefly with a harbormaster, trying to convince him that something is going on with the ship. It becomes clear that the harbormaster is in on Red Sickle’s plan, and he is able to alert a Red Sickle team on the ship.
  • Four armed thugs emerge from the ship and aim submachine guns at the group.


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