TRU Echo

Mission 002: Operation DIRTY RAIL [Session 8]

Mission 002
Operation DIRTY RAIL
Session 8
Session Date: 21 September
Players: Brad, Braon, Lenora, Lex, TJ

Location: Red Sickle Training Camp, western Russia (near the border with Belarus)
Game Date: 3 August
Game Time: 2300

  • The group assaults the Red Sickle compound while Martin orchestrates power outages and provides tactical guidance based on eavesdropping on Red Sickle‚Äôs communications.
  • During the raid, the group is able to locate computer and communications gear. They steal a laptop, blow up the majority of the training airfield at the camp, kill a few Red Sickle trainees, and escape in a helicopter.
  • They were also able to find a stash of hardcopy materials referencing a train that was carrying nuclear materials from France to Germany. The materials included:


guntheory guntheory

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