TRU Echo

Mission 002: Operation DIRTY RAIL [Session 10]

Mission 002
Operation DIRTY RAIL
Session 10
Session Date: 2 February
Players: Brad, Braon, Lenora, Lex, TJ

Location: Port of Hamburg
Game Date: 4 August
Game Time: 0700

  • A firefight erupts. Lincoln, who had actually been at the Hanjin administrative office, begins to make his way to the quay. He notices three tractor trailer trucks with unusual cargos – probably nuclear material – also making their way to the quay. He finds a forklift and gives chance.
  • The group engages the four gunmen and quickly gains the upper hand. The three semis arrive in the middle of the firefight. Eventually two of the drivers are killed and one of the semis is blown up.
  • One of the semi-drivers and one of the gunmen are captured – the rest are killed.
  • At the end of the fight, while Lincoln and Marcus are searching the shift, a strange wind blows past them. They look back and see a strange, semi-transparent, faintly humanoid shape.
  • Suddenly a man matching the description of Tashika Katruta (a member of Red Sickle) appears in one of the semis with Jack. A fight ensues and Tashika is eventually killed by gunfire from other members of TRU Echo.
  • German police arrive to help clean up the mess and investigate what has happened. They reveal that a terrorist attack occurred on the train that was carrying the nuclear material. The attack leveled the small town of Gorleben, killing tens of thousands of people.


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