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Mission 002: Operation DIRTY RAIL [Epilogue]

Mission 002: Operation DIRTY RAIL [Epilogue]

  • Jack travels with police to the main precinct station in Hamburg. Over the course of the next few days, he works with their doctors and forensic scientists to investigate Tashika Katruta’s body. They confirm the burn marks are of radiological origin and that there have been crude attempts to graft skin over the burn marks. He has clearly been exposed to consistently high levels of radiation in the past. However, the doctors are baffled by the fact that he exhibits no tell-tale signs of cancer induced from the radiological exposure. In fact, he has absolutely no sign of any sort of typically common illnesses or disease that you would expect to see in a man of his age. A detailed investigation of his fingers reveal stretch marks in the skin,. Also, there appears to be degenerated bone, tissue, etc where his missing knuckles should have been. It’s not clear what happened, but Jack and the other doctors reach the conclusion that he was actually born with normal fingers and they were somehow altered later in life. Also of note is the cartilage throughout his body is significantly stronger than normal, while still retaining its flexibility. There is no clear consensus among the doctors about what has happened to Tashika, but many of them propose possibilities that draw from various similar but less drastic known medical conditions. Jack is unconvinced. The entire time he conducts the investigation he can’t help but shake an odd feeling about Tashika – that something doesn’t add up about the whole situation. He’s had this feeling before, when he’s noticed fleeting images out of the corner of his eye, or had a strange tingling sensation before something truly odd or unusual has occurred.
  • Meanwhile Lincoln helps the local police conduct the interrogation of the gunman and the truck driver. The truck driver doesn’t seem to know much. He was hired by an “exotic” woman who looked like perhaps she was from the Russian Far East. She spoke fluent German but with a slight Russian accept. Lincoln quickly deduces that he’s probably referring to Natalia Karnof, one of the six members of Red Sickle. Natalia hired the truck driver and two of his buddies. He was simply told to go to a pre-arranged destination near Gorleben, Germany, pick up some specialized cargo and transfer it to the port in Hamburg. The truck driver has an extensive criminal history, that includes theft, armed robbery, etc. The worst of his crimes was human trafficking. He had multiple warrants for his arrest. The other truck drivers had similar backgrounds. He doesn’t know anything else about the cargo, Red Sickle, etc.
  • The gunman (Danil Titov) can provide a little more information. He was trained by the Red Sickle at the Russian training camp that the group raided. He – like many of Red Sickle’s trainees – was a poor youth who wanted money and was disillusioned with his lot in life and post-Cold War life. He is originally from Moldova. Most of the Red Sickle’s recruits are drawn from Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Armenia, and the Central Asian countries. They typically share a hardline support for communist beliefs and feel the oligarchs who rule Russia and the former Soviet Union, coupled with “capitalism” is why they and their families now live in poverty. The overall motivation espoused by Red Sickle to their recruits is the overthrow of governments and a return to communism.
  • The gunman had met two members of Red Sickle: Santin Yuchenko (the leader of the cell) and Tashika. Santin ran the training camp in Russia, which is why the gunman knew him. The gunman can also confirm that Santin used the call sign “Sickle 1” when communicating with others via radio, strongly suggesting that Santin was the one calling the shots at the camp when the group raided it. The gunman doesn’t know a lot more about Santin.
  • The gunman was much more familiar with Tashika. After “graduating” from the Red Sickle’s training facility, the gunman, along with 3 others – the other gunmen you killed – were assigned to be Tashika’s personal team. In recent weeks they had been working extensively on coordinating the arrival of the Hanjin Ottawa at Hamburg. The gunman isn’t very knowledgable about the specifics, but from what he understands, Hanjin Shipping is a Korean front company used by Red Sickle – or maybe even someone Red Sickle is working for. The gunman does know that the Hanjin Ottawa was go to travel to Algiers, Algeria. He had also heard rumor that from Algiers, the cargo was to be taken to a place called Reggane. He wasn’t sure where exactly Reggane is, but he got the impression it was in Algeria too.
  • When Lincoln further interrogates the gunman about his contact, Lincoln is able to tell that the gunman was being honest and forthcoming with his initial answers. However, Lincoln’s demeanor and intensity (I’m rolling an investigation + intimidation with bonuses from your profession cop skill) seems to really rattle the gunman. It’s almost as if Lincoln’s shear force of will breaks the guys down. He seems desperate to provide some sort of information. He nervously starts spouting off nonsensical minute details – anything he thinks Lincoln might want to hear. While doing so, it seems to job some near-forgotten memory. “Wait…yea, I remember now…that place, Reggane, I – I think it was in Algeria. I remember the boss saying something about a French scientist working there. Maybe it was Dr. DePaul. Yes – that’s it, Dr. Andre DePaul. He was suppose to be at the port in Algiers to meet the ship and escort the cargo back to Reggane.” Finally, the gunman says one more thing of note to Lincoln. When pushed about the Red Sickle, the gunman leans in and whispers – as if scared – and says, “I don’t really know why, but the big boss – Santin [Yuchenko] – he always wore a full ski mask and gloves. We always wondered if he was like Tashika…you know, deformed or whatever. But none of us ever got close enough to find out.”
  • The Department B debrief is pretty rough. First off, flights out of Europe are cancelled for a couple days while authorities investigate the train explosion and the attempted theft of materials at Hamburg. During this time the group is contacted once by Shepherd. He checks in on you, but doesn’t address any mission specifics, even on a secure line. He’s obviously concerned that authorities are eavesdropping on transmissions because of the terrorist attack. However, it’s obvious that Shepherd is stressed and he sounds very tired.
  • When the group returns to Atlanta a few days later, they are met at the airport by Shepherd. He escorts them to the DHS office in Atlanta and to the Department B secret basement facility. Then an extensive debrief begins. He seems even more haggard and tired than usual. And the tell-tale smell of alcohol is more obvious than even before.
  • For the most part, Shepherd just listens, but when the group presents leads and information, he immediately leaves the room and tells the group that he’s passing it to Department B’s intel support. It’s clear to the group that the mission went well beyond what Department B had expected, and Shepherd even admits as much. He actually apologizes to the group and admits that Department B had underestimated the threat and poorly resourced the group (both in regards to finances and information). However, he says that this thread of Red Sickle and its ties to North Korea (the email reference to Yongbyon), Pakistan (again, the fact that the email is from .pk – or Pakistan’s country code), South Korea (Hanjin Shipping as a front company), Russia and the former Soviet Union (Red Sickle), and Algeria (destination for the ship) has become Department B’s number one priority. While it is possible that by interrupting the shipment, the group has successfully thwarted Red Sickle’s attempt to gain nuclear material, the fact is apparently Red Sickle is involved with a number of nuclear powers.
  • Here is the result of Department B’s intelligence unit’s investigation into the information you provide:
  • Department B is able to dig up a little information about the Israeli agents you met in Russia. They are Mossad operatives who operate in Russia, conducting nuclear-related human intelligence. They are both ethnic Persians and are used by the Mossad because of their ability to pose as Iranians. Their names are Javad Akbari and Kamal Jalili. They are associated with an Israeli front company called Iran Air.
    The intel guys are unsure of the exact purpose of the worldwide nuclear test map. Here is the map, if you’re interested.
  • A quick investigation of the geo-coordinates of the three locations from the laptop indicate they are all continuity of government or command and control facilities.
  • Raven Rock Mountain Complex
    The Raven Rock Mountain Complex (RRMC ) is a United States government facility on Raven Rock, a mountain in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania. It is located in Liberty Township, Adams County, about 14 km (8.7 mi) east of Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, and 10 km (6.2 mi) north-northeast of Camp David, Maryland. It is also called the Raven Rock Military Complex, or simply Site R . Other designations and nicknames include “The Rock”, NMCC-R (National Military Command Center Reservation), ANMCC (Alternate National Military Command Center), AJCC (Alternate Joint Communications Center), “Backup Pentagon”, or “Site RT”; the latter refers to the vast array of communication towers and equipment atop the mountain. Colloquially, the facility is known as an “underground Pentagon”. The facility runs more than 38 communications systems for its users. The Defense Information Systems Agency computer operations staff provides computer services to the National Command Authority, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Office of the Secretary of Defense and other United States Department of Defense agencies. Its largest tenant is the Defense Threat Reduction Agency. RRMC also houses the emergency operations centers for the Army, Navy and Air Force.
  • Sentralanlegget
    Sentralanlegget (English translation: The Central Facility) is the war headquarter of the Norwegian government. The facility is located in Hole municipality in Buskerud County, and designed as an underground shelter in the west side of the mountain Kongens utsikt. The purpose of this is to avoid a direct hit from a nuclear missile from the east.
  • Mount Yamantau
    Mount Yamantau (Russian: гора Ямантау) is in the Ural Mountains, Bashkortostan, Russia. The name means bad (evil) mountain in the Bashkir language (Яман тау). It is also known as Mount Yamantaw. It stands at 1,640 metres (5,381 ft) and is the highest mountain in the southern Urals. Along with Kosvinsky Mountain (600 km to the north), it is suspected by the United States of being a large secret nuclear facility and/or bunker.[ The closed military town of Mezhgorye is situated nearby. As late as 2003, Yamantaw was not yet fully operational.


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