Vehicle Rules Quick Reference

Vehicle Control: Dexterity + Drive + Handling; instant action (p. 141)

Vehicle Pursuit: Dexterity + Drive + vehicle Handling versus Dexterity + Drive + vehicle Handling; extended and contested action (each roll represents one turn of driving) (p. 69)

Vehicle Ramming: Dexterity + Drive + Handling to hit; instant action. Vehicle’s Size rating as a pool of its own, with a +1 bonus for each full 10 mph traveled to determine damage (p. 144).

Vehicle Tailing: Wits + Drive + vehicle Handling (tail) versus Wits + Composure + equipment (subject); contested action (p. 71)


  • Window
    Durability 1, Size 3, Structure 4
    -1 penalty
  • Door (provides total cover)
    Door: Durability 3, Size 3, Structure 6
    -1 penalty (when destroyed, attacks are -3 and so on)
  • Tire
    Durability 1, Size 2, Structure 3
    -3 penalty
    Attacks must inflict lethal damage
    Each blown tire imposes a -2 penalty on Drive rolls, and decreases speed by one-half.
  • Gas Tank
    Durability 6, Size 2, Structure 8
    Shooting a gas tank imposes a -3 penalty to the attack roll, and involves penetrating the vehicle’s frame and the tank itself, which is addressed with a Durability of 6. Even one point of damage done in excess of that might trigger an explosion in the tank, assuming theres an open flame or spark.

Crash (vehicle vs. vehicle)
Dex + Drive + Handling vs. Dex + Drive + Handling
If attacker has more success, ram is successful.
Roll size + 1 for each 10mph of ramming car.
Successes beyond target car’s durability equal damage to structure.
Successes beyond ramming car’s durability equal half successes rolled.
Passengers also suffer bashing damage equal to half of successes (seat belts absorb 1 damage – armor also absorbs damage).

Vehicle Rules Quick Reference

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