Storyteller Characters

Department B

Carla S.
Secretary and Logistics expert for Department B. Middle-aged, slender, white woman. Unfriendly, but seems to enjoy Adrian’s company.
Status: Active, Amsterdam

Gregory Shepherd (goes by “Shepherd”)
Department B’s handler for TRU Echo. Older, balding black man. Dresses slobbishly in outdated suits. Marcus noted a hint of alcohol on his breath at their 0800 meeting.
Status: Active, Amsterdam

Danny Rains (goes by “Input”)
Computer research specialist. Chubby boyish looking white guy. Loves to eat.
Status: Unknown, whereabouts unknown

Sam Arnold (goes by “Output”)
Computer research specialist. Thin almost sickly looking weaselly black guy – lots of bodily function issues.
Status: Unknown, whereabouts unknown

Agent Pythia
Psychiatrist and psychologist on retainer with Department B. Beautiful, well-dressed woman of an indeterminable ethnicity. Tall, thin, dressed in a custom-fitted business suit that accentuates her curves. Olive an complexion, with sharp features, and black eyes and hair.
Status: Unknown, whereabouts unknown

Agent Pytho
Psychiatrist and psychologist on retainer with Department B. Tall, with olive complexion, dark hair, and dark eyes. Dresses in expensive, designer business suits.
Status: Unknown, whereabouts unknown

Agent Dolos
New Special Agent in Charge of Department B in Atlanta. Replaced Shepherd. Professional agent with career intelligence background. Very much the opposite of Shepherd.
Status: Unknown, whereabouts unknown

Agent Fraus
Middle-aged woman with a faint hint of a German accent. Replaced Carla as the support specialist for TRU Echo. Stoic personality.
Status: Unknown, whereabouts unknown

Contacts and Allies

Stephen Lucas
Middle-aged black male. Defense Intelligence Agency officer who works under cover, posing as a State Department employee in Prague, Czech Republic. Specializes in economic and military intelligence in Eastern Europe. Developed contact during Operation: UMBRA.
Status: Active, Czech Republic

Niklas Kaufman
German man of unknown age and physical description. Middle-tier manager in Interpol. Developed contact during Operation: DIRTY RAIL.
Status: Active, Germany

Kamal Jalili
Israeli Mossad agent of ethnic Persian descent. First encountered in Russia during Operation: DIRTY RAIL. Encountered again in Algeria at the Reggane Air Force Base during Operation: GERBOISE. Was seriously wounded, but Jack saved his life.
Status: Active, Israel

Christine Roberts
Middle aged Hispanic female. Member of IARPA who specializes in human intelligence. She has contacts with CIA and FBI. She was Shannon McLeod’s friend and has agreed to travel with TRU Echo to Atlanta for her own protection.
Status: Unknown, whereabouts unknown


Damek Polotski
Damek is a czech man who grew up in Prague. He spent has spent much of his life in jail for crimes like armed robbery, aggravated assault, etc. Mug shots reveal he is the man who was at the roulette table at Obcanska Plovarna and who escaped in the Audi A7.
Status: Killed at UMBRA’s apartment complex during Operation: UMBRA.

Lida Novak
Mid-40s czech female. She is a technician employed by the Nuclear Research Institute in Rez. She had a checkered past as a youth, with minor criminal offenses. She has advanced degrees in physics and has worked at the institute for almost 20 years. About 10 years ago she was caught up in a public investigation into her possible role as a spy, selling secrets about the institute. However, she was never officially charged and the case was dropped.
Status: Active, whereabouts unknown

Orlando Thomas
Older white male. US contact for spies and operatives in Prague. Operates the Armrest Coffee safehouse. Former marine, who carries himself with military bearing. Group discovers he is a traitor, leaves him in a warehouse in Prague.
Status: Active, whereabouts unknown

Red Sickle

  • Tashika Katruta. A man of Kazakh origins, noted for his skill at tracking and outdoor survival. When encountered, had some ability to move quickly or vanish, elongated skull and fingers, evidence of radiation burns.
    Status: Killed at the port of Hamburg during Operation DIRTY RAIL.
  • Khal Orlov. This unassuming fellow has the “face of a choirboy” but excels at the most brutal forms of hand-to-hand combat. Orlov has a knack for silent movement. When encountered, he was found to have elongated skull, was missing his hands and had razor sharp blades of bone instead, had radiation burns.
    Status: Killed at Reggane bunker complex during Operation GERBOISE. Jack took skin sample.
  • Pushkin Duchov. Pushkin is a native Russian. He serves as the group’s expert on electronics, explosives and other technological items. He never underwent the full course of Vympel training.
    Status: Active, whereabouts unknown
  • Natalia Karnof. Natalia came from the Soviet Far East, and seemed almost Oriental in appearance. She speaks fluent Chinese, and spent the years 1989-1991 on liaison with the embassy in the People’s Republic of China. Karnof knows numerous other languages as well and “has a touch” with foreign cultures.
    Status: Active, whereabouts unknown
  • Michenko Petro. Petro is an excellent marksman, with a passion for things military. He shuns the company of others.
    _Status: Killed during Season 2, Episode 1 (part 2): The Sickle and Star
  • Santin Yuchenko. Yuchenko serves as the leader of the cell. He has a taste for cruelty. He wears a drooping mustache. When encountered, had elongated skull and fingers, jaw could unhinge, had mouth full of jagged razor-sharp teeth.
    Status: Killed during Operation: GERBOISE at Ekker Mountains.


  • Ming Tsui. A man from Tangshan, China. Captured during the battle at the McLeod family lakehouse. Interrogated on Interstate 85. Revealed a great deal of information about the Subterrestrial Operational Theater.
    Status: Killed at a national park by Hawkeye during Operation CERRIDWEN.
  • Other members. TRU Echo has also encountered three other members of Mingfu. One was at Shannon’s apartment, the others were at the McLeod lakehouse.
    Status: All the other members of Mingfu were killed during Operation CERRIDWEN.

Group X (Possibly TRU Bravo)

  • Emily Ekks. Blonde middle aged white female. Specialist in handguns. Encountered during Operation CERRIDWEN at the McLeod lakehouse. Shot in the leg by Hawkeye.
    Status: Unknown – fled lakehouse with other members of Group X.
  • Garret Jennings. Middle aged black man. Specialist with assault rifles and grenades. Encountered during Operation CERRIDWEN at the McLeod lakehouse. Injured by Hawkeye and then killed by members of Mingfu.
    Status: Killed during Operation CERRIDWEN at the McLeod lakehouse.
  • Other members. At least two other members of Group X exist: a middle aged Hispanic male sniper and a middle aged masked man (ethnicity unknown) who specializes in hand-to-hand combat and stealth.
    Status: Unknown – fled lakehouse with other members of Group X.

Older Korean male nuclear scientist. Encountered at the Ekker Mountain nuclear research facility during Operation: GERBOISE.
Status: Killed during TRU Echo’s raid on the compound.

Leonid Kuchma
Captain of the Ukrainian icebreaker, the Kapitan Belousov. Betrayed TRU Echo for unknown reasons.
Status: Unknown, whereabouts unknown


Shannon McLeod
Middle aged white woman with dark hair. Member of IARPA and former NSA. Was tracking down leads on the Basement and mistakenly thought TRU Echo was involved in nuclear terrorism.
Status: Transformed into a Basement creature due to a strange grenade device used by Mingfu. Killed as the creature by TRU Echo

Karl Bachmeier
Older man, sleazy lawyer Assigned to be the defense council for TRU Echo during their ICC trail. Revealed that he was really an agent of the Dante Project and asked TRO Echo to work for the Dante Project.
Status: Unknown, whereabouts unknown

Storyteller Characters

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