Jack's Journal

Jack’s Journal from Session 22:

  • Shepherd is alive! Martin wasn’t sure how but somehow the Boss was able to transmit a message through the radio. The actual message itself wasn’t particular useful but it’s good to know that we’re not on our own. Something is apparently going on with Adrian’s brother. He is in some sort of danger. I’ve been careful not to pry in Adrian’s personal life so I haven’t asked her for the details. I figure that it must be disconcerting for her to know that her brother’s life is in peril and to be unable to do anything about it.
  • The blonde women and her cohorts (For future reference I will be referring to them as Group X) were unfortunately able to elude us. We were hoping to find them at a nearby airport but they were nowhere to be found. I never got her number but at least I have her DNA. We figured that all traces of TRU Echo needed to be erased so we searched for Shannon’s friend Christine, who potentially had information to blow the lid off everything. When we found her apartment complex we secretly surrounded the place in case she attempted to escape (Lincoln even slashed the tires of her car and had that special cocktail that I mixed up). Adrian had the bright idea of approaching her alone and attempting diplomacy. Telling Christine the truth surprisingly worked. Needless to say that was a relief. One drugged prisoner in the trunk of the car is one too many. Our foreign guest has little to say. This man is a black ops operative so it’s pretty unlikely that he’ll name names or anything. For better or worse we have to hand him over to Department B. However, I get the feeling that our new superiors will be less than gentle with captured foreign agents. We need to find Shepherd.

Jack’s Journal from Session 21:

  • The results from this mission have been…mixed. Shannon is dead. I couldn’t save her because when that thing took her there was nothing left but a pile of ashes and fragments of her clothing. TRU Bravo or whoever that special ops team was got away (With the exception of the African-American male who was gunned down by the Chinese). The blonde chick was pretty cute. It’s too bad that Hawkeye put a damper on things by blasting her in the knee with his gun. We still don’t know why they were so intent on killing Shannon. The same applies as to why the Chinese wanted to take her alive.
  • We did take down those Chinese operatives and we captured one for interrogation. The biohazard armor suits are a prize since I figure they can be reverse-engineered. I collected all sorts of samples and biometric data. I figure that might prove useful once I have access to a lab and a biometric database. I’m eager to see what I can learn from the samples that I obtained from that creature. The grand prize though is Shannon’s laptop. It seems like it has access to the NSA’s database. It’ll be difficult but I think Martin will be able to pull out some rather useful data from their servers.
  • Seeing that thing was unsettling but it wasn’t as bad as the first time. The funny thing though is that I barely remember the monstrosity that we encountered in that god forsaken underground facility. In fact things have been fuzzy ever since that debriefing with that strange woman from Department B. I think my psyche manages to cope by blocking those memories, at least until nighttime comes and then reality hits me along with insomnia. Abominations like shouldn’t exist. It just feels so wrong on so many levels. Maybe I should throw away those ashes that I found and just let it be. Or heck perhaps I should just disappear, completely go off the grid and move to some isolated cabin in Alaska or something. I can’t abandon my teammates though. Department B has taken a toll on what little social life that I had. My family is all but gone. In some ways everyone in my squad are both friends and family to me.
  • I keep having dreams of desolate wastelands and men made of metal.


Jack's Journal

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