Healing Rules Quick Reference

First Aid (on the field / ER)
Dex + Medicine + Equipment
Success: Bleeding stopped (loss of health points to aggravated damage each minute stopped; pg 173)
Extended Action: One roll per minute. Need a number of successes equal to damage. One bashing damage is healed.

Long Term Care (hospital care)
Int + Medicine + Equipment
Extended Action: One roll per hour. 10 successes to convert one point of aggravated, 5 successes to convert lethal to bashing. Patients heal bashing damage by themselves.

When a character has all health boxes marked and has a bashing slash in the far right box, roll Stamina. Fail means he falls unconscious (does not incur -3 penalty for roll). Roll every turn.

If a character has all boxes checked and lethal in the far right, he is bleeding. Every minute without a stabilizing healing (first aid), one lethal is converted to aggravated.

Wound Recovery Rate
Bashing: 15 minutes
Lethal: Every two days
Aggravated: One week

Healing Rules Quick Reference

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