TRU Echo

Mission 001: Opertion UMBRA [session 3.5]

Session 3.5
Email exchange between sessions 3 and 4 (June 29 – July 13)

Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Date: 3 June 2011
Time: 1200

Before leaving the bar, Jack searches the thugs, bartender, and Orlando Thomas. He finds the following:

  • Thomas had his wallet, which contained about $100 in various bills, his US government ID, passport, and driver’s license. All the ID lists his name as Orlando Thomas. He also ditched his cell phone in the Renault Sandero, which the group finds. They turn the cell off.
  • The bartender had a wallet on him with about $50 in various bills and his driver’s license. His name is Milos Chalupnik.
  • The thugs had a total of $300 in various bills and no ID. They did have a Glock and an AK-47 with an extra clip. Lincoln took the AK-47.
  • Jack drives the Renault Sandero to the hostel where he rendezvous with Martin. He gives Martin Orlando Thomas’ cell phone and asks Martin to check into recent phone calls. Martin begins to exploit the phone, while they head to a nearby warehouse district.
  • Marcus and Adrian drive the 4Runner with their captives to an old warehouse district they saw when they left the hostel. They find an old abandoned warehouse that looks like a prime location for a secretive interrogation.
  • Martin’s exploitation of the cell phone reveals the following:
  • At 11:30AM on 3 June, Thomas called the Gallerie NoD bar. This is consistent with the timing of the phone call Thomas made during the car chase.
  • Thomas makes frequent phone calls to a couple different numbers:
  • One of the numbers is for a pay as you go cell with a Prague area number. Martin can’t find out who it’s registered with easily (but if he’s willing, he could probably hack into phone company records).
  • A second number is traceable to Lida Novak. It’s a cell number, also based in Prague. He makes calls to her about once every two or three days.
  • A search of all the phone records does reveal that he tried calling Stephen Lucas, but the last time he tried was a couple weeks ago.
  • He also makes frequent calls to the Armrest Coffee shop.
Mission 001: Opertion UMBRA [session 3] - recap

Session 3

29 June 2011

Players: Brad, Braon, Lex, TJ

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Date: 3 June 2011

Time: 0100

  • News reports keep coming in, and more detail about TRU Echo’s involvement in the shooting is revealed. One media outlet ties the Fiat’s license plate back to the rental company in Finland. They also display Martin’s alias and a picture of him taken at the rental company. A different media outlet displays police sketches of Adrian and Jack, explaining that they are wanted for questioning due to their actions at a club nearby the shootings.
  • Meanwhile, the group gets a call from Gregory Shepherd. In the background, they can hear what sounds like a party, complete with loud music and boisterous people. Gregory is obviously angry, telling the group they screwed up. He tells them he’s sending someone to help fix the problem.
  • Realizing that they’ll need disguises, Marcus and Adrian go to get commercial supplies that can be used as a makeshift disguise kit. Adrian disguises herself, Jack, and Martin with dyed hair, make-up, etc.
  • Lincoln arrives at the hostel in the morning. He has a Honda ST1300 Pan European.
  • The group discusses their next course of action. They eventually decide that Martin will stay behind and research the finger print while the rest of the group goes to the coffee shop to speak with Orlando Thomas.
  • Lincoln drives separately and goes into the coffee shop first to check it out. He looks around, grabs a cup of coffee and then goes back outside where he can watch the front and side entrances to the coffee shop.
  • Then Marcus, Jack, and Adrian go inside. Once inside, they give the passphrase to one of the baristas. She says that she’ll be right back and then goes to the back, presumably to get Orlando Thomas.
  • Jack can hear the girl speaking with Thomas. Thomas tells her to tell the group he’s not hear. He seems frantic and the girl seems surprised and confused.
  • A few seconds later she returns and tells the group Thomas isn’t available. Adrian tries to convince the girl to let them in to the back, but the girl refuses.
  • Then Lincoln spots Thomas running out the side entrance of the coffee shop. He gets in a Renault Sandero and speeds away.
  • Lincoln calls the group and tells them what’s going on and then gives chase.
  • The group quickly leaves the coffee shop, gets in the 4Runner, and also pursues Thomas.
  • Lincoln and Marcus expertly tail Thomas for a few minutes, leaving the governmental district of Prague and traveling into the old city. Eventually, however, Marcus is forced to drive aggressively, speeding through a red light and revealing that he was tailing Thomas.
  • Thomas floors it and a chase ensues. Thomas leads the group down one way streets, swerving past parked cars.
  • With the sloppy handling and relatively poor acceleration of the 4Runner, Marcus is just barely able to keep up. However, Lincoln is eventually able to pass Thomas. When he passes Thomas, he comes to a stop, trying to get Thomas to end the chase. Instead, Thomas speeds forward, intending to ram Lincoln. Lincoln is barely able to get out of the way.
  • The chase continues, though it get even more intense when Thomas starts traveling down one way streets – the wrong way!
  • Jack spots Thomas making a phone call with his cell phone. A minute later, the chase ends at a bar called Galerie NoD.
  • Thomas runs inside and the group gives chase.
  • When they enter the bar, the only one visible is a bartender and two drunks.
  • Marcus continues to caution the group that Thomas may not be a threat – that there might be a misunderstanding.
  • Lincoln is the first one in; he approaches the bartender to question him.
  • Suddenly doors burst open from the back room and the two thugs that were in the BMW SUV from the night before come out shooting. Lincoln is peppered with gunfire, but his bulletproof vest holds up to the assault. A gunfight ensues, with Jack and Lincoln both taking wounds. Eventually Jack is able to disarm the thugs with his cane, which allows Lincoln and Marcus the chase to look for Thomas. They see him fleeing out the back of the bar. Marcus calls out a warning and then – finally convinced Thomas isn’t an ally – fires for his leg.
  • Marcus aim is true, and the injured Thomas is easy to catch. He and Lincoln catch up with Thomas, subdue him, and bring hm back to the bar.
  • Meanwhile, Jack checks on the thugs’ injuries, patches them up, takes their belongings, and then he and Adrian tie them up. They also find the thugs’ BMW SUV and slash its tires.
  • The group then ushers Thomas and the bartender to their 4Runner. They get in the 4Runner and Renault Sandera and Lincoln on his bike. The group begins looking for a place to interrogate Thomas.
  • Meanwhile, across town, Martin has been probing various governmental databases in hopes of finding a match for the fingerprint. His first attempt was against the local Prague police department, but during the initial phase of the probe, he realized that the police department was able to detect his attempt and capture his IP address. He then changed his tactic to investigating federal governmental records for the Czech Republic. He was easily able to hack into a state-wide governmental database. There he found a match for the fingerprint under registered diplomats to the country. The fingerprint was a match for Stephen Lucas.
Mission 001: Opertion UMBRA [session 2] - recap

Session 2
19 June 2011
Players: Brad, Braon, Lenora, Lex

Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Date: 2 June 2011
Time: 2200

  • The guy Marcus was chasing runs to an Audi A7, gets inside, guns the gas, and speeds away.
  • Marcus jumps on the hood of the car, but is quickly tossed aside by the speed and the driver’s jerking maneuvers.
  • Everyone else spots two men in a BMW SUV pulling out from a parking space. One of the men is holding an AK-47.
  • Jack runs to the Fiat, picks up Adrian, and speeds past a recovering Marcus.
    In an attempt to catch the Audi driver, Jack quickly accelerates to unsafe speeds and smashes into a parked car, bringing the Fiat to a stop. Before he smashes into the car, though,
  • Adrian is able to get the license plate number of the Audi A7.
  • Marcus breaks into a parked BMW 325i and pursues the Audi, Jack and Adrian, and the men in the BMW SUV. He also makes note of the BMW SUV’s license plate number.
  • The men in the BMW SUV starts shooting at the Fiat, blowing out windows and peppering it with gunfire.
  • Marcus slams on the gas, and rams the BMW SUV with the BMW 325i he’s driving. Both vehicles take serious damage, and now all three vehicles are tangled together in the middle of the road.
  • Jack and Adrian bail out of the Fiat and hide in hedge rows the line the side of the street, separating it from a university.
  • The men in the SUV turn their attention to Marcus and start shooting at the 325i.
  • Off in the distance, the telltale sound of sirens can be heard and flashing police lights can be seen.
  • The men driving the SUV speed away.
  • Marcus rams his 325i through the main gate of the university, ditches his car, and starts making his way on foot back to the US Embassy to rendezvous with Martin.
  • Jack and Adrian remember the document drop and, despite their misgivings, return to the club. When they arrive they see a group of guards huddled over a guard that had been injured by the man who escaped in the Audi.
  • Adrian talks her way past the guards. When they get inside, she once again has to fast-talk her way past the club’s manager.
  • Inside the bathroom Jack finds the document drop with two envelopes. An inspection of the contents would later reveal they contain two things. One had a simple cryptogram: Csfbl dpoubdu xjui mjeb opwbl, which Martin deciphered to be: Break contact with Lida Novak. The other contained official letterhead from the Nuclear Research Institute Rez and numerous documents with research and patents on advanced radiopharmaceuticals.
  • While all this was going on at the club, Martin was back at the hotel. Thinking the man that escaped in the Audi might be Stephen Lucas, Martin sent Lucas a call on his cell phone, but masked the caller’s ID as a message rather than a phone number. The message read: “Stop running. We are here to help you.”
  • After sending the message, Martin began to gather up TRU Echo’s belongings, but then he heard something on the receiver for the bug Adrian had planted. He heard a phone ringing, which was answered by Orlando Thomas. He could hear Thomas say, “What? What happened? Ok, alert Novak.”
  • After that, Martin took the group’s belongings and made his way to an internet cafe near the US embassy. From the internet cafe, he hacked back into the club’s security system and deleted all the recorded footage from the previous 24 hours. He then went on to inject malicious code into the club’s computer systems, essentially destroying them.
  • Finally, the group rendezvoused near the US Embassy, but decided it would be best to go to a new hotel; somewhere they could pay in cash with no questions asked. They took their 4Runner and relocated to a rough area of Prague.
  • Once at the hotel, they began to research the license plate numbers, Lida Novak, and Marcus makes some calls to his old marine buddies about Orlando Thomas.
  • The license plates are both traced back to stolen vehicles. Police reports indicate one was stolen by a man named Damek Polotski. A little research reveals Damek is a czech man who grew up in Prague. He spent has spent much of his life in jail for crimes like armed robbery, aggravated assault, etc. Mug shots reveal he is the man who was at the roulette table and who escaped in the Audi A7.
  • Lida Novak is a technician employed by the Nuclear Research Institute in Rez. She had a checkered past as a youth, with minor criminal offenses. She has advanced degrees in physics and has worked at the institute for almost 20 years. About 10 years ago she was caught up in a public investigation into her possible role as a spy, selling secrets about the institute. However, she was never officially charged and the case was dropped.
  • Marcus’ friends didn’t have any leads or info on Orlando Thomas.
  • Jack checks the envelopes that held the info about the Nuclear Research Institute Rez and the cryptogram and finds a fingerprint.
  • News reports also start coming in about the violence at the club and on the streets outside the university. Reports indicate that some sort of possible gang violence involving at least three vehicles (the Fiat, BMW 325i, and a reported “BMW SUV”, which wasn’t found at the scene) and assault weapons. The police are investigating, but don’t have any leads.
  • As the session ends, the group is trying to decide whether to send Stephen Lucas a message on his cell phone, they are considering going to an old address for Damek Polotski, they are interested in continuing to research Lida Novak, they are wondering how to proceed with their suspicions concerning Orlando Thomas, and they are trying to decide if they should hack into a database to research the fingerprint Jack found.
Mission 001: Opertion UMBRA [session 1] - recap

Session 1
1 June 2011
Players: Brad, Braon, Lenora, Lex

Location: Department of Homeland Security, Homeland Security Investigations directorate, Special Agent in Charge Principle Field Office – Atlanta, GA.
Date: 1 June 2011
Time: 0800

  • TRU Echo meets in the basement of the Special Agent in Charge Principle Field Office in Atlanta. They meet their handler, Gregory Shepherd. He briefs them on Department B and TRU. He gives them their first assignment: Operation UMBRA.
  • Shepherd says Stephen Lucas (American spy) was suppose to arrange a meet between UMBRA and the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA); however, he has not been heard from in a while and the DIA is going to pursue the lead.
  • The meet was suppose to occur at 2230 2 June at Obcanska Plovarna restaurant, club, and casino.
  • The meet was suppose to be at the roulette table, bet 100 on single 0. Lucas will response by placing a 500 bet on 5.
  • There was also a document drop inside the men’s room of Club 1809 (casino) – behind a towel dispenser.
  • Also, there was something strange in the communication. He didn’t communicate via secure line from the Armrest Coffee shop. He used a private, but open number. It is possible someone heard the call.
  • Marcus, Adrian, and Jack travel to Prague together, while Martin travels via Finland.
    The group rendezvous at the Armrest Coffee shop (an American intel and operations safehouse), where they meet Orlando Thomas, the lead American agent in Prague. He gives them their equipment; Adrian suspects he is hiding something.
  • Group checks in at the The Charles Hotel Prague. Martin sets up his hacker gear and begins to probe the network at Obcanska Plovarna.
  • Adrian travels to the US Embassy Prague to find out about Stephen Lucas (the agent who supposedly made contact with UMBRA). She is given his phone number.
  • Marcus and Jack travel to Obcanska Plovarna to scout out the restaurant and club; they make dinner reservations for 2200.
  • Martin is able to hack into the security cameras at Obcanska Plovarna; begins watching the casino for UMBRA, Stephen Lucas, and anyone else unusual.
  • Marcus, Adrian, and Jack travel to Obcanska Plovarna, have dinner, and then go to the casino for the meet at 2230. Marcus places a bet, but there is no sign of Stephen Lucas or UMBRA.
  • The group spots a guy who had been at the roulette table tailing Marcus. Marcus confronts the man and he runs. Marcus, Jack, and Adrian chase the man outside.
Mission 001: Opertion UMBRA [session 1]



Assignment: Assist in the defection of operative UMBRA; escort from Prague, Czech Republic to the US.

Contact: Stephen Lucas, Foreign Service Officer (clandestine Defense Intelligence Agency operative)

Safehouse: Armrest Coffee
50° 5’16.85"N  14°24’14.58"E

Real name: Adela Cerny
Date of Birth: 13 June 1962
Place of Birth: Benesov, Czechoslovakia

Field agent for the former Soviet Union’s Committee for State Security (KGB) from 1981 – 1991

Transferred to Russia’s Foreign Service Intelligence (SVR) following the break-up of the Soviet Union.

Has operated in Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic from 1989 – 2011.

Primary focus is economic intelligence, specifically energy research and development.



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