TRU Echo

Mission 005: Operation DEEP FREEZE [Session 26]

Mission 005


Session 26

Session Date: 25 October 2012

Players: Brad, Braon, Lenora, Lex, TJ

Location: Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station
Game Date: 28 September 2011

  • The group considers its options. Jack suggests checking Bruno’s hard drive to see what they can learn. He, Lincoln, and Adrian begin sifting through countless files, looking for anything beyond the routine notes Bruno made concerning genetics and transgenic fusion of plant and human DNA.
  • Meanwhile, Hawkeye and Martin trace their trail back to the main research station, check to make sure no one is looking for Bruno, and then return to the rest of the group, concealing their tracks as they go.
  • Lincoln discovers an encrypted file which piques his interest. The file is labeled “Project Capricorn” and notes associated with it describe it as Transgenic Plant-Human Modified Organisms [Chimera]. Lincoln and the others decide to wait for Martin to return before trying to defeat the file’s encryption.
  • When Martin and Hawkeye return, the group turns their attention back to Bruno and question him again about the Basement and Red Sickle. Again, he denies knowing again, and again it’s clear he’s being honest about Red Sickle and hiding something about the Basement.
  • The group tries a number of approaches, but they’re not successful until Martin threatens to destroy Bruno’s hard drive and all the scientists research notes. Bruno frantically pleads with the group not to destroy the hard drive. First he gives them the password to access the encrypted file. The file contains a sketch of hybrid plant-human creatures, which Bruno explains are designed to be creatures that can be sent into the Basement without fear of nuclear mutation. He tells the group that the only thing he really knows about the Basement is what he needs in order to create the Chimera creatures. He also explains the research is at the initial stages.
  • The group debates whether they should send the full interrogation to Kuchma or not. Eventually, they decide on sending the file to Agent Fraus with Department B. He receives the group’s message and replies that he will contact Kuchma. While using the research station’s communications to access the internet and send his message, Martin stumbles on a news story that catches his attention: “Antarctic Research Station Attacked.” The story includes a link to a video newscast:
  • Rough home-video images show Ukrainian naval vessels churning through Antarctic waters. One of these is the Kapitan Belousov, and it is accompanied by two other ships that weren’t there when the group was on the Kapitan Belousov. The voice of a female correspondent says, “. . . Kapitan Belousov, shown here in footage taken by an American tourist on a whale-watching tour just an hour or so ago, happened to have been on routine training operations in the Antarctic during the past few days. It was routed to the area when officials first became aware of the situation. It has been joined by two other Ukrainian vessels that were operating nearby. Ukrainian and American officials have spoken, and Ukrainian officials have offered to help with the situation.”
  • The image shifts to the 15 seconds of video footage of TRU Echo interrogating Bruno Pontecorvo.
  • The image cuts to an interview with an American Navy official. “We are very concerned about what is happening at Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station. The terrorists appear to be Russian, based on their apparel. Their motives and goals are unclear. We were alerted by the brave men and women who work at the station, and as you can see from the video, they may already have paid the ultimate price. We are on our way to intervene. We are working very closely with the Ukrainians, who were the first to respond to this incident.”
  • The image shifts to the naval vessels once again. Troops from these ships are clearly boarding helicopters, some with their rotors already turning. “Ukrainian troops left just a short time ago, with the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station as their destination. Our prayer are with the captives at the station.”
  • The group realizes they have little time. They start concocting a plan, but Adrian hears the telltale whirring of helicopter rotors nearby. Everyone rushes out of the communications building, where they see two CH-47 Chinook helicopters with Ukrainian markings approaching their position. Hawkeye hides in the snow and takes aim with his sniper rifle, Martin and Adrian throw C4 charges under the landing area of one of the helicopters, Lincoln and Jack take cover and prepare for the inevitable firefight.
  • As the Ukrainian soldiers repel down from the helicopters, Jack fires at one of the soldiers, causing him to lose his grip and tumble to the ground. Martin sets off one of the C4 charges and the explosion rips through one of the two groups of soldiers. Hawkeye’s aim is true, as he shoots through the cockpit and takes out a co-pilot in one of the helicopters. Adrian has second thoughts about detonating her C4, after seeing the carnage and smelling the burning flesh from Martin’s attack. Instead, she just takes aim at one of the soldiers. Lincoln and takes aim at one of the helicopters with his machine gun, letting loose a full burst. A few of the rounds find their mark, but don’t bring the helicopter down.
  • Despite the initial success of the group’s attacks against the Ukrainian soldiers, the soldiers are clearly professionals. As soon as they hit the ground, they collect themselves and start their assault. They focus fire on one member of the ground at a time, trying to take out the most dangerous threat. One by one, they take down Hawkeye, Lincoln, Martin, and Jack. Seeing her friends go down, Adrian runs into the communications bunker, setting C4 shape charges as traps and pulling an unconscious Lincoln with her. She yells for Bruno to take cover.
  • When the Ukrainians appear, she sets of the charges. It rips through two of the soldiers, but more are there in an instant to take their place. Within seconds, they bring Adrian down too.


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