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Mission 004: Operation CERRIDWEN [Session 23]

Mission 004


Session 23

Session Date: 30 August 2012

Players: Brad, Lenora, Lex, TJ

Location: Interstate 85, from Washington DC to Atlanta

Game Date: 19 September 2011

  • On the drive from Washington DC to Atlanta, the group decides it’s time to question the Chinese man they’d captured a few days earlier. Over the course of the last few days, Jack had made sure to keep the man unconscious and safely locked away in the truck of one of the group’s two rental cars. Jack had made sure the man was fed, but he had not been allowed to leave the confines of the trunk.
  • The group took a detour off I-85 Greensboro, NC. They headed southbound on I-74 to the Uwharrie Natuional Forest. Once they were well hidden on a remote road in the national forest, they took the Chinese man out of the truck. The group took out their guns, hoping to intimidate the man into cooperating as Adrian questioned him.
  • However, the guns were unnecessary. Speaking to the man for the first time, it became clear that something had seriously damaged the man’s psyche. The appeared emotionless. He responded to Adrian’s questions mechanically. However, he only responded to simple, direct questions with short, factual answers. He did not respond to questions that required a subjective or emotional response.
  • Once the group learned the Chinese man, whose name was Ming Tsui, knew at least some information about the Basement and a Chinese organization related to the Basement called Mingfu they set about conducting a lengthy, extensive interrogation. Information the group learned included:
    • The Chinese man’s name is Ming Tsui; he is from Tangshan, China.
    • Jack and Adrian both know a few facts about Tangshan. It is a large (7.5 million people) industrial city in northeastern China. It is probably best known for a massive earthquake in 1976 that resulted in the death of about 255,000 people.
    • Ming claims to work for the People’s Liberation Army (the armed forces of the China)
    • He says that he was sent to “retrieve” Shannon McLeod. He also refers to his job in general as “retrieval.”
    • The unusual, specialized grenade he used in the McLeod family lakehouse opened a temporary gateway to the Subterrestrial Operational Theater.
    • The Subterrestrial Operational Theater is apparently some sort of other world or dimension. There is a gateway to the Subterrestrial Operational Theater called Mingfu in Tangshan, China.
    • Mingfu is also the name of the Chinese organization associated with the Subterrestrial Operational Theater (perhaps a counterpart to Department B).
    • There are also gateways in the United States, Russia, Algeria, and Germany.
    • He did not know where the Gateway into the Subterrestrial Operational Theater in the US was located, but he did know that Department B was associated with it.
    • Ming had traveled into the Subterrestrial Operational Theater over 40 times. Inside the Subterrestrial Operational Theater time was variable. Exposure to the Subterrestrial Operational Theater could lead to serious health issues, which is why he wore the specialized radiation defense suit.
    • He did not respond when asked if Department B was enemies with Mingfu (suggesting the answer was complicated).
  • After the interrogation, the group debated what to do with Ming. It was clear he was mentally broken. The group debated leaving him stranded in the national park, dropping him off at a rest area, taking him to a mental institution, and killing him as painlessly as possible. Christine weighed in, but only to say that it’s possible he may be a good source of information later on, but that would require providing Ming extensive, sustained mental health care. Martin largely stayed out of the debate. Eventually Hawkeye, Lincoln, and Adrian agreed that killing Ming was the best option for a number of reasons. Jack vehemently disagreed and refused to provide the rest of the group with a mixture of drugs that could be administered to kill Ming. Hawkeye eventually killed Ming with a single shot to the head. Ming was left for dead in the national park. Infuriated, Jack smashed a window on one of the rental cars. It is unclear whether the strain between Jack and the others will be sustained.
  • When the group reached Atlanta, Adrian set up a place to stay for Christine at an old safe house she’d use in the past. The group had talked extensively on the way from Washington DC to Atlanta and none of them felt comfortable with Agents Dolos and Fraus or Department B. They agreed that having a safe house they could all use was a good idea.
  • When the group went to report to Agent Dolos, they left out some of the details of their assignment. They didn’t mention what happened with Shannon and the monstrous creature, they didn’t report Shepherd’s strange contact with Adrian, the interrogation of Ming, or their involvement with Christine. They also didn’t provide the samples from the monster or Shannon’s laptop. Agent Dolos was clearly not happy about the group’s failure to bring Shannon back. He dismissed the group and told them to take some leave, with the exception of Jack, who was to conduct follow-up research on the samples from Shannon, the Chinese agents, and the Americans.
  • Adrian stayed after the rest of the group left. She told Agent Dolos that she had chased down one of the Chinese agents and that he had told her many strange things. Essentially she told Dolos the Chinese man’s claims about the Subterrestrial Operational Theater. Adrian was able to deduce that Dolos was at least broadly familiar with the concept of the Subterrestrial Operational Theater. He didn’t seem to doubt her claims at all, and instead pressed her for more information. At the end of their conversation he told her to remain silent about the conversation.
  • While the group gathered together at the safe house, Martin also rented an efficiency apartment in a run down section of Atlanta. Over the course of a day, he moved all of his specialized gear into the apartment and prepared for his most difficult, dangerous hacking job ever. When he was ready, the entire group gathered together as Martin hacked into a portion of NSA’s network from Shannon’s laptop. He only had access to Shannon’s files, and she had apparently only uploaded one file – a map with notes on her research into the Basement. Martin downloaded the map, but as he did so, he was detected by NSA’s cyber security team. The cyber team asked, “Who are you?” To which Martin replied, “#.”

Basement map


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