TRU Echo

Mission 004: Operation CERRIDWEN [Session 22]

Mission 004


Session 22

Session Date: 16 August 2012

Players: Brad, Lenora, Lex, TJ

Location: The McLeod family lake house – Oakland, Maryland; Washington DC

Game Date: 16 September 2011

  • When Lincoln and Adrian arrive at the house Lincoln helps Jack clean the house of any trace of the group’s presence. Then the group places the Chinese man, now their captive, in the truck of the rental car that had been registered to the dead black man, Garret Jennings. Martin, Hawkeye, and Jack ride in the stolen rental, while Adrian and Lincoln stay in their car. The group decides to head to Reagan National Airport to see if they can find any trace of the trio that escaped.
  • On the road from Oakland Maryland to Washington DC, both groups are listening to a local news radio station to see if there are any reports about the lake house.
  • Suddenly the radio in Lincoln and Adrian’s car fades out, followed by noisy static, and then a garbled message from a voice both Lincoln and Adrian recognize as Shepherd. “Adrian, it’s me Shepherd static warn you static Dolos and Fraus static your brother Andrew static not safe. I’ll try static stay in contact.” Then the radio faes back to the news station.
  • Adrian calls Martin, tells him what happened, and asks his opinion. Strangely, there was no change to the newscast in Martin’s car. He suggests its possible someone secretly placed a radio frequency device in the car and tied it to the radio. The group stops both cars, Martin joins Lincoln and Adrian, and then he sets out to investigate whether a device has been added to the car as they continue toward Washington DC.
  • Despite searching for an hour or so, Martin finds no evidence of tampering with the radio at all.
  • When the group reaches the airport, they pile all of their gear and the Chinese man into Lincoln and Adrian’s car and ditch the stolen car in a nearby parking lot. Martin drops off the group at the airport and then waits with the car. The group searches the airport, but finds no trace of the trio that fled the lake house. The group rents another rental car so they have two legally acquired cars available to them again.
  • The group debates the best course of action for a while. In reviewing the information they’ve compiled, the only lead that seems promising is trying to track down Shannon’s confidant, a woman named Christine who presumably works at IARPA. Especially interesting to the group is the implication that for some reason Christine might recongize the members of TRU Echo, suggesting they’ve met her before. Martin gains access to IARPA’s unclassified email addresses and finds there are three Christine’s with IARPA email addresses. They cross-reference the names with all Christine’s of the same names in the area. They find a few promising candidates and split up to monitor the addresses.
  • The group successfully finds Christine’s apartment, as they see her returning to her apartment at about 7PM. They identify her as the woman who had flirted with Martin in the bar in Atlanta the night Shepherd had taken the group out – the woman who introduced herself as Amber Wilkins and claimed to be a Delta flight attendant. Based on the information Martin gained, the group now knew her name to be Christine Roberts.
  • Adrian knocks on Christine’s door and introduces herself as someone concerned about Shannon. Christine is suspicious but obviously concerned about her friend. Adrian eventually wins Christine’s trust. A lengthy conversion ensues, in which Adrian reveals she works for a secret agency and is concerned with Shannon and Shannon’s research, but never actually acknowledges her ties to Department B and TRU Echo. Regardless, it is clear Christine knows the truth. Christine explains she works at IARPA as a liaison for human intelligence agencies (CIA, FBI, etc) and she agreed to help Shannon try to gain information about TRU Echo in the bar in Atlanta. She also says that Shannon thought the TRU units and Department B were terrorists who had infiltrated the Department of Homeland Security and were working with other international actors such as Red Sickle and Mingfu. Shannon has recently been frightened because she thought someone – probably Mingfu – was on to her.
  • Christine’s trust of Adrian grows throughout the conversation and she agrees to help however she can. In return, Adrian and TRU Echo invite Christine to take some time off and return with them to Atlanta so they can keep an eye on her in case Mingfu comes after her. Christine explains she has a job to, that she needs to report to IARPA that something has happened to Shannon, but agree to return with TRU Echo if they’re willing to wait a day or so.
  • TRU Echo agrees, and they help move Christine to a local hotel where she can maintain a low profile until she’s ready to leave. Within a couple days Christine has spoken with IARPA, the police, and Shannon’s parents and is ready to return with TRU Echo to Atlanta.
  • Operation CERRIDWEN accomplished.


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