TRU Echo

Mission 004: Operation CERRIDWEN [Session 21]

Mission 004


Session 21

Session Date: 19 July 2012

Players: Brad, Lenora, Lex

Location: The McLeod family lake house – Oakland, Maryland

Game Date: 16 September

  • Hawkeye tries again to convince the woman to listen to reason, “I think we’re on the same side her. Are you TRU Bravo?” The blond woman remains quiet, but her body language suggests surprise and recognition. She and Hawkeye continue their standoff, with their weapons pointed at each other.
  • The black guys yells, “Screw this, I’m going in.” He fires a few shots into the door and then charges in. He’s greeted with gunfire from inside the house.
  • The blonde responds by also moving towards one of the house’s doors. Hawkeye shoots her in the leg too, dropping her to the ground.
  • Martin rams the front of the house with the 4Runner, revealing to the group for the first time what’s going on in the house. Inside is a large living room where three men are dressed in advanced protective suits presumably designed to protect them from dangers such as radiation. They are all wielding submachine guns. One of them has Shannon held hostage. The three men are yelling back and forth to one another in Chinese. They are locked in a firefight with the black guy. It is clear from the firefight and posturing that the Chinese men are trying to escape with Shannon unharmed, while the black man and blonde want her dead.
  • The Chinese man with Shannon pulls her deeper into the house, trying to flee the firefight. He is greeted by the white man in black fatigues and hoodie. The white man is wielding a long serrated dagger.
  • TRU Echo joins the fight, and chaos erupts in the three-way fight. The Chinese men gun down the black man; the white man with the hoodie kills one of the Chinese men with his dagger; Jack disarms and saps one of the Chinese men; and the last Chinese man is also gunned down. However, before he goes down, he throws a strange, small cylinder about the size of a grenade into in the middle of the living room. The cylinder explodes, apparently causing some sort of electro-magnetic pulse. The normal shadows in the living room grow larger and darker. Then they take on the form of a monstrous bipedal creature. The shadow creature merges with Shannon and within seconds her body radically morphs into a monstrosity. Her flesh is torn from her bones, and the bones themselves crack and reform. The resulting beast is massive, roughly bipedal, with a gaping maw filled with razorsharp teeth rather than an upper torso.
  • With Shannon destroyed, the injured white woman and the white man with the hoodie flee the battle. They get into the 4Runner and flew the scene, stopping only to quickly pick up another man – a sniper – who had been hiding in a boat house the entire time.
  • TRU Echo is stunned by the creature’s terrifying aura for a few second, as each member tries to battle through the fear and surprise of seeing the unnatural beast. Martin fills the creature with bullets while Jack nimble dodges the creature’s attacks. Meanwhile, Hawkeye runs down the 4Runner, jumps onto it, and tries to smash open the front windshield. Unfortunately he is thrown from the vehicle.
  • Martin’s bullets seem to have little affect on the creature, so he and Jack begin to flee. Fortunately, just like in the bunker under the camp in Algeria, the beast collapses and turns into a pile of decayed material and ash.
  • With the immediate threat averted, the group goes about inspecting the house. Jack takes DNA, blood samples, and fingerprints from the black man and the Chinese men. The group also discovers the two cars in the lake house drive way are rentals from a Hertz at Reagan National Airport. The rentals were registered to “Emily Ekks” and “Garret Jennings.” The group finds a set of keys to one of the cars on the black man, leading them to conclude the blond woman was Emily and the black man was Garret. Jack gets fingerprints from both cars.
  • A search of the house indicates Shannon must have recently arrived. The only interesting belongings in the house was Shannon’s laptop.
  • Martin examines the computer. He quickly realizes it’s linked to NSA’s classified network. After successfully using “Taliesin” as the password for the laptop and bypassing Shannon’s local encryption on the computer, Martin finds a number of interesting files. Although very interested in the reference to the Tartarus Program, Martin knows the only way to access the file is to hack into NSA’s network. While it’s possible, it would be very dangerous and he’d prefer to have his full arsenal of contacts and computer equipment to help. Cerridwen programs
  • Hawkeye, Jack, and Martin decide to wait for Lincoln and Adrian to arrive before deciding how to proceed.

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