TRU Echo

Mission 004: Operation CERRIDWEN [Session 20]

Mission 004
Session 20
Session Date: 5 July 2012

Players: Brad, Lenora, Lex, TJ
Location: Hampton Inn College Park

Game Date: 15 September

  • After leaving Shannon’s apartment, the group returns to their hotel and spends the day researching the various leads outlined in session 19.5.
  • Thinking that Shannon’s parent might be their best lead, the group decides to pay her parents a visit.
  • The next morning they drive to Frederick, Maryland. Lincoln and Adrian pose as police officers who claim to be investigating Shannon’s disappearance. Martin, Hawkeye, and Jack wait in the group’s 4Runner, monitoring the situations.
  • Shannon’s mother is home and seems genuinely surprised and worried about Shannon’s disappearance. She tells Adrian and Lincoln that she last spoke with Shannon on the phone during the past weekend (September 10 or 11, 2011). She says that Shannon keeps her work, social, and family life separate. Shannon and her parents speak occasionally, about once or twice a week. Shannon’s mother calls the lake house, but there is no answer. She provides the phone number and address to the lake house.
  • Adrian and Lincoln plant a bug, then stay nearby the house in the Audi so they can monitor who comes and goes. About a half hour later, they hear Shannon’s mom talking to someone on the phone. They can’t make out the specifics of the conversation, but she’s clearly upset. About an hour after that, Shannon’s dad comes home. He and Shannon’s mom start talking about Shannon’s disappearance. Shannon recounts her interaction with Lincoln and Adrian but at some parts of the story she is nearly inconsolable.
  • Meanwhile, Hawkeye, Martin, and Jack drive to the lake house, which is about 2 hours away in Oakland, Maryland. They drive by the lake house to get an idea of the layout and then they park their 4Runner in a nearby secluded driveway. Martin stays with the 4Runner while Hawkeye and Jack move to investigate the house. They sneak through woods, taking a circuitous route to check the area south, east, and north of the house (west of the house is the lake itself).
  • As they move north of the house they spot a white woman with a lithe build and blonde hair moving through foliage near the house, clearly trying to hide and advance towards the house. They continue to watch for a while and then spy a large black man in military fatigues and carrying a sub-machine gun. He too is trying to advance on the house stealthily. Hawkeye and Jack ask Martin to drive up to the house, fain that he is lost, and ask for directions. As Martin is driving up to the house, Jack and Hawkeye spot a third person (a white man in black fatuges and a hoodie) moving up to the house through the trees and brush.
  • Martin arrives at the house, goes to the door, rings the doorbell, and no one answers. Reluctantly, he goes back to the 4Runner. He tries to buy some time by playing with his GPS for a few moments. Then he starts pressing the horn. The large black guy in military fatigues darts out of the woods and charges the 4Runner. Martin steps on the gas with the 4Runner in reverse and goes to the intersection of the main road and the driveway leading to the house.
  • Hawkeye shoots the black guy in the leg. The black guys screams in pain, and stumbles to the house. The blonde woman charges out of the woods and takes up a position outside of the house, pulling out tow handguns.
  • Jack sneaks through the woods, trying to take up a hiding spot near the blonde woman. Hawkeye moves out of his hiding spot, shows his sniper rifle and yells, “We’re Federal agent. Put down your guys.”
  • The black guy and the blonde woman point their weapons at Hawkeye. They both warn him not to advance. Hawkeye, thinking this may be TRU Bravo, says, “I think we may be on the same side,” but fails to persuade the man and woman. Meanwhile, Martin calls Lincoln and Adrian to update them and then drives the 4Runner back down the driveway, through the grass in front of the house, and takes up a position near the blonde woman.


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