TRU Echo

Mission 003: Opertion GERBOISE [session 16]

Mission 003

Operation GERBOISE

Session 16

Session Date: 10 May 2012

Players: Brad, Braon, Lenora, Lex, TJ

Location: In Ekker, Algeria 

Game Date: 24 August

Game Time: 2000

  • The group rests for a few minutes, with Marcus making sure Martin is alright. Once Martin is up, the group spreads out around the camp once again. Marcus searches the camp for anyone who may be hiding. Martin moves the armored personnel carrier to the center of camp, where the concrete bunker, camouflage covered structure, and a hanger constructed of sheet metal are located. Lincoln serves as a lookout. Adrian radios Jack and asks for a status update. Jack informs Adrian that he and the Mossad agent are just a few minutes away from the camp.
  • Jack rendezvous with the rest of the group, and they complete their inspection of the central portion of the camp. The hanger serves as a storage location for barrels marked with radioactive hazard signs. The camouflage net covered building was actually a pair of 20’ long standardized shipping containers. They housed bunk beads, which had apparently served as the living quarters for the gunmen living at the compound.
  • As the group discusses their next actions the ground suddenly and violently rumbles below them. Martin checks the make-shift geiger counter and realizes that the radiation levels in the area have also spiked. Most of the group’s equipment also experiences electro-magnetic interference.
  • The group debates whether going into the bunker is a smart idea, given that they believe a small scale nuclear explosion may have just occurred. Marcus ends the debate when he announces he’s going in – alone if need be. Lincoln quickly joins Marcus and the two lead the way into the bunker. Martin and Jack linger behind a bit. Adrian takes up the rear, hoping to be able to stay out of the way of trouble but provide assistance if absolutely necessary.
  • Stairs lead down into the bunker, descending about 50’ before coming to a set of massive steel doors. Inside, the group finds an large, abandoned area with a side room that apparently serves as a living area but was empty. Another set of stairs lead further down. From the abandoned room, the group can hear the frantic, painful calls of a man speaking Arabic. He yells in pain and then screams, “NO! PLEASE! STOP!”
  • Jack gets a very bad feeling about the situation. He mentions it to the others. Martin and Adrian both voice concerns about going further, but Marcus and Lincoln press on. They move as stealthily as possible down the stairs, with their guns drawn.
  • The stairs lead into a small room containing banks of computer servers and a couple terminal monitors. The screams get more frantic and then suddenly stop.
  • As the stealthiest of the group, Lincoln takes point. He leads the group into an adjacent room that contains even more banks of computer servers. Data and power lines run everywhere, indicating little regard for permanence or safety by whoever was running the operation. Lincoln moves across the room, and from the doorway he can see into the adjacent room. It’s a large, laboratory like design with two huge beds. On one bed is a human whose flesh appears to have been burned off. Bone and muscle tissue are exposed. On the other bed is a strange, squid-like creature. It measures about ten feet long, with jet black skin. Alongside the beds are three men. Two are dressed in heavy suits apparently designed to provide protection agent radiation exposure. The third man wears no such protective gear; instead, he is garbed in an expensive suit. He is a massive man with Slavic features as a thick, dropping mustache. Lincoln recognizes him as Santin Yuchenko, leader of red Sickle. Like the other members of Red Sickle that the group has encountered, Santin’s skull and fingers are elongated.
  • Lincoln signals to the rest of the group that there are three targets and then Lincoln, Marcus, and Martin charge in. They all focus their gunfire on Yuchenko. He takes round after round and though injured, does not drop.
  • Jack swoons. The squid-like creature draws his attention, and he instinctively knows that everything here is wrong. His vision becomes blurred and his hearing muffled. His psyche is yelling at him, warning him. This is wrong.
  • During the fight, Martin gets a closer look at the squid-like creature, realizing it’s not a squid at all. Though superficially similar, the creature has a massive maw filled with long, razor-sharp teeth, and its tentacles are covered with wicked barbs. Strangest of all, the creature’s body seems to fade in an out of existence, constantly shifting in transparency. Martin yells to the group that there is something strange about the creature, but they maintain their focus on Yuchenko.
  • As Yuchenko recovers from the attacks, he begins to make his way across the room. He leaps onto the bed with the squid-like creature of from their launches in an assault against Lincoln. Lincoln unloads on Yuchenko with both his pistols, finally dropping the mutated man.
  • Lincoln fires a couple rounds at the semi-transparent squid creature, though the bullets travel right through the creature, having no effect.
  • During the firefight, one of the men wearing the protective suits – the leader apparently – directs the other to “destroy the computers.” The man speaks in Arabic, but with an accent Adrian places as Korean. Adrian yells back to the man, but he doesn’t respond. Instead, the men flee in different directions. Marcus chases the leader down and guns him down with his rifle. Lincoln and Martin chase the other man down into another computer room.
  • The man joins another man, also wearing a protective suit, who had apparently been in the computer room during the firefight. It’s clear they were attempting to destroy files on one of the computers. Martin and Lincoln fire at the men, killing one and wounding the other. The wounded man responds by grabbing a handgun Martin had holstered and shooting himself in the head.
  • The squid-like creature continues to shift in transparency until it eventually becomes completely invisible, presumably fading from existence altogether. Just then, a low growl emerges from an unexplored hallway in the bunker.
  • Martin begins to download files from the computer, while Adrian calls out to the group, reminding them of the dangerously high radiation levels in the area. Marcus positions himself in the hallway, providing a buffer between the whatever is causing the growling and the rest of the group. Lincoln, Jack, and Adrian take aim as best they can down the hallway.
  • At the end of the hallway faint lights being cast by what the group assumes to be more computer equipment. They peer into the hallway, waiting for whatever is causing the growling to emerge. The creature draws nearer and nearer.
  • Martin works furiously to make sense of the computer’s interface, which is written in Korean. Finally he cracks the security and encryption. He jams a thumb-drive into the computer and begins to download whatever remains from the destroyed files.
  • And just then the growling creature comes into sight. Standing about 10’ tall, the creature is a nightmarish combination of man and the squid-like creature the group had just seen. The base of the creature consists of five massive, barbed tentacles. Its torso is humanlike, but its arms and hands are elongated and exaggerated. At the top of the torso are more tentacles and a massive head that appears as a combination of a human face with the squid-like creatures horrible maw.
  • Adrian, Jack, Lincoln, and Marcus are stunned, unable to react. Jack realizes the truth now. He’s always known, somehow, but the truth is laid out before him, undeniable. His sixth sense tried to warn him, but he wouldn’t listen. They should have all fled this unearthly place. Martin, still working in the computer room to download the files, notices the silence but continues his work.
  • The creatures moves forward and stands over Marcus. It’s tentacles writhe and it stares into Marcus eyes. Marcus vision becomes clouded and he envisions the creature tearing apart his wife, ripping her body in half and then devouring it. It doesn’t make sense. She’s dead. Marcus’ mind snaps. He fights away the visions and recovers from the stun, but he turns and flees, racing for the stairs that will lead to safety.
  • Lincoln and Jack shake off the initial fear that washed over them when they saw the creature. The open fire on it; their bullets pierce the creatures flesh, but seem to have no effect.
  • Adrian screams, “Martin come on! We have to get out of here! Don’t look down the hall! Whatever you do, don’t look down the hall!”
  • Sensing the urgency of the situation, Martin pulls the thumb-drive out of the computer, hoping he recovered precious information that might shed some information on what was happening here, and runs for the stairs too. On the way he passes by Lincoln and Jack, yelling for them to join him.
  • Jack and Lincoln each fire at the creature again, but realize their bullets have no effect. They turn to run. But as Lincoln is fleeing he notices something strange. The creature begins to decay rapidly. Its tentacles and arms turn to ash, and one by one they fall apart. Within only a few seconds, the entire creature has completely disintegrated. Regardless, the group flees the bunker.
  • On the surface, they find Marcus readying a vehicle for their departure.


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