TRU Echo

Mission 003: Opertion GERBOISE [session 14]

Mission 003

Operation GERBOISE

Session 14

Session Date: 11 April 2012

Players: Brad, Braon, Lenora, Lex

Location: Ain SAlah, Algeria 

Game Date: 24 August

Game Time: 0400

  • Martin joins Lincoln, Adrian, and Jack as they discuss their plans. Jack convinces the rest of the group to give him a couple more hours to work on the Mossad agent. Adrian stresses that the group shouldn’t tell Marcus the true about the rebels – that they’re actually a branch of Al Qaeda.
  • Lincoln tells the rest of the group he’s going back to the hotel to set up a safe-house in case they are attacked by either the military or the rebels.
  • Martin finds equipment in the hospital he can use to set up closed circuit security video cameras. He joins Lincoln in the hotel room and monitors the cameras for activity.
  • Marcus continues to provide help wherever he can to the doctors in the hospital’s emergency room.
  • Jack makes little progress on improving the Mossad agent’s health during the next hour.
  • Rocket and mortar attacks continue to rain down on the town, getting closer and closer to the hospital and hotel.
  • One of the rockets strike the front of the hotel, destroying one of the emergency room walls, injuring people, and causing chaos.
  • Marcus tries to help calm the situation down.
  • Martin sees a group of rebels leaving the hospital. The group includes a couple young men armed with weapons, but it also includes women and children strapped with suicide vests. At about the same time, Marcus leaves the hospital for the hotel and sees the group. He realizes what’s going on and attacks. Lincoln quickly moves to help him. Adrian also goes out onto the street to investigate.
  • Marcus and Lincoln take out the gunmen. Adrian is able to calm the women and children down, and the trio moves the women and children to the hotel.
  • Jack is able to make some progress on the Mossad agent and feels comfortable moving him to the hotel.
  • The group sets up in two different rooms in the hotel. In one room, Martin – with Jack’s assistance – works to bypass the anti-tamper device on the suicide vest. When he is able to remove the vest from one of the women, he gives the vest to Marcus.
  • Marcus takes the vest, rushes into the hospital’s cafeteria where the gunmen were building bombs and organizing their strategy, and tosses the suicide vest into the middle of a pile of explosives that were meant to be used for the creation of improvised explosive devices. Marcus flees from the hospital and uses a remote detonator designed by Martin. The suicide vest explodes, taking a significant portion of the hospital with it.
  • Back at the hotel, Jack is able to come up with a technique that will assist Martin in defusing the vests, but Martin is still forced to manually remove each vest – a very dangerous feat. However, is successful in removing all the vests from the women and children.
  • With the Mossad agent stable and with a significant cache of medical supplies thanks to Lincoln’s earlier work, the group steals a cargo truck and heads out of the south side of town into the barren desert landscape. The group is successfully able to navigate the difficult terrain, avoiding the military checkpoint that was setup on the southern road out of town.
  • Clear of the checkpoint, the group makes their way back onto the southern road and heads for Ekker, where they hope to find answers about the Red Sickle’s plans in Algeria.


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