TRU Echo

Mission 003: Opertion GERBOISE [session 12]

Mission 003

Operation GERBOISE

Session 12

Session Date: 1 March

Players: Brad, Braon, Lenora, Lex, TJ

Location: Reggane, Algeria (Abandoned French bunkers used for nuclear testing near the modern day Algerian Air Force Base in Reggane)

Game Date: 23 August

Game Time: 2100

  • The group is hesitant to get involved with the gunfight until they see one of the Mossad agents get injured. Jack quickly moves to his aid, while Marcus and Lincoln start to engage the Algerian soldiers.
  • Martin and Adrian stay in the rear, occasionally providing cover fire or attacking targets when they present themselves. Marcus leads the assault, moving forward to get a line of sight on the Algerians. Lincoln sneaks forward quietly, trying to gain cover against the gunmen. Jack and the other Mossad agent help the fallen Israeli.
  • Moments after Marcus moves into place, he is stabbed from behind. Marcus turns and realizes his attacker stabbed him not with a knife but with some sort of dagger-shaped ivory or cartilage that extends from his arm in place of a hand. The attacker also wears a mask that covers what appears to be a strange, elongated face.
  • In his attempt to save his companion, the other Mossad agent is grievously injured. The first Mossad agent is gunned down dead, but Jack is able to provide near-miraculous first aid to the second in order to keep him alive.
  • The gunfight continues, with Marcus, Lincoln, and Jack all taking serious wound, but with the group emerging victorious. During the fight the Mossad agent who lived tells the group that he thinks Red Sickle’s main plans were centered on Ekker, the other location where the French tested nuclear materials in Algeria. He says that the plan was to store the nuclear material from Germany at Reggane, to take readings on it, and then move it to Ekker. He told them there may be military members of the local base who were suppose to help with the operations (perhaps with logistics). He also says “Be careful of your path. You don’t know anything about the Basement. It’s terrible. Get out now before it’s too late.”
  • The group flees the bunker with the injured Mossad agent, taking the Toyota truck.
  • As they exit the bunker they see that the Algerian military is responding. Two jeeps and a helicopter are in route to the bunker.
  • The group flees on the road between the air force base and Reggane. Some sharpshooting results in the group shooting out the tires of the jeeps. They also find a man-portable surface-air-missile stashed in the Toyota (their guess was the truck belonged to the Mossad agents). The missile detonates near the helicopter but doesn’t destroy it.
  • The chase continues, with the Toyota eventually being damaged to the point that it can’t be used. Meanwhile, the group is able to deal substantial damage to the helicopter, forcing it to return to base.
  • The group finds an old sedan in a small village nestled in a nearby oasis. They pile in and head back to Reggane.
  • Some quick research reveals the best route to Ekker from Reggane.


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