TRU Echo

Mission 003: Operation GERBOISE [Session 11]

Mission 003

Operation GERBOISE

Session 11

Session Date: 16 February

Players: Brad, Braon, Lenora, Lex, TJ

Location: Department of Homeland Security, Homeland Security Investigations directorate, Special Agent in Charge Principle Field Office – Atlanta, GA.
Date: 18 August

Game Time: 0700

The group decides to split up. Marcus, Adrian, and Jack will head to Algeria, posing as a team of investigative reporters for the Washington Post. They are ostensibly in Algeria to cover the Arab Spring.

  • Martin and Lincoln stay behind so Martin can have more time to try to track down whoever is associated with the email address: Martin is unsuccessful, and in fact it is possible due to high levels of security that the owner of the email address may have detected hacking attempts.
  • The first group travels to Italy and then Morocco via plane. When they arrive in Morocco they rent a jeep and drive cross country until they reach the Morocco-Algeria border near the town of Figuig, Morocco. After crossing into Algeria, the group is forced to pay a local man (Ahmed Itbir) for his services as a driver. He takes them to Reggane.
  • Between Adrar and Reggane, palm groves, true oases of green in the immensity of the ochre sand, succeed each other. All along the way, one is aware of the official policy of “bringing the desert back to life”: small palm trees have been planted at regular intervals and are watered, drop by drop, by an efficient system.
  • The palm groves are supported by an ingenious irrigation system, the carefully maintained result of ancestral practices. These underground canals—the “fogaras”— give life to this mineral universe. Through the generations, the inhabitants have learned to preserve water as a great wealth. At a time when the developed world is beginning to understand the necessity of safeguarding this indispensable resource, the ingenuity of the palm grove “gardeners” should be an example.
  • In Reggane, the group seeks out a hotel and audience with the town leader. They speak with a sheik who also serves as the mayor, Amza Ibiza. Amza knows about the nuclear testing at Reggane, as he worked at the facility in the 1960s when the French used the site. Amza is friendly and helpful, but doesn’t know any influential contacts at the modern day Algerian Air Force base near the Reggane nuclear test site ruins.
  • The group spends most of the day in Reggane and they are eventually joined by Martin and Lincoln. That night they approach the southern edge of the Algerian air force base where the French long ago abandoned bunkers that were used during nuclear testing at Reggane.
  • Under the cover of darkness the group easily slips through the rudimentary security at the airfield. They quickly spot a Toyota truck near one of the old French bunkers. The truck appears to be a rental – or at least very well kept, with little sign of extended exposure to the desert climate.
  • The group stealthily moves into the bunker. Inside they hear talking, probably in Arabic, but they aren’t quite sure. They decide to leave the bunker but suddenly a gunfight erupts within the bunker. They investigate and learn that the two Mossad agents they met in Moscow (Javad Akbari and Kamal Jalili) are engaged in a gunfight with Algerian soldiers.


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